International Society of Recruiting & Retention Professionals

Where the Transportation Industry's most influential recruiting and retention professionals come together to learn, share, and network.

Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Solutions, has created the International Society of Recruiting and Retention Professionals (ISRRP) to supply educational articles, training, and networking events to all levels of recruiting and retention management.

"My goal is to provide the information and training needed for the society members to be the most informed, educated and effective recruiting and retention professionals in the industry. I want the members to have the information and techniques needed to make them successful today and proactively prepared for tomorrow."Kelly Anderson, President

As a Member you will enjoy the following benefits:

There are two levels of membership

1. Certification - For single recruiter departments

2. Department - For entire company access

Both levels include the following:

The society offers the following certification programs:

Where the Transportation Industry's Most Influential Recruiting and Retention Professionals Come Together

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